Activism was a theme of the second decade of the 21st century. In the United States, men and women voiced their support for equality--gender, racial, and sexual orientation. In addition to annual women’s rights as well as right to life marches, young and old alike showed up at rallies around the country to address gun violence, climate change, and racism.

The decade saw a Democratic president and a Republican president. In 2018, The House of Representatives contained a record-setting 102 women and the Senate had 25 women members, making the 116th Congress 24% women overall, the highest in U.S. history. The 2018 Congressional class marked a number of historic firsts for women, including the elections of the first Muslim women, Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib, and the first Native American women, Deb Haaland and Sharice Davids.

The McDonough School of Business, now in its new home in the Hariri Building, propelled into the new decade with innovative programs and initiatives, all while maintaining its standards of academic excellence. The school’s programs excelled in national and global rankings. New graduate programs in finance, international business and policy, and in management all launched. The decade also gave birth to new centers and initiatives around global real estate, financial markets and policy, entrepreneurship, global business, and the study of markets and ethics. The school prides itself on educating its students to not only be the best in the world, but the best for the world.

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Fatema Dewji, BSBA 2010 cover image

Fatema Dewji, BSBA 2010

After graduating from Georgetown in 2010, Fatema Dewji returned to her family’s business in Tanzania. Armed with the skills and ingenuity from her business degree, Dewji developed and directs the marketing arm of the MeTL Group. Beyond her work within the company, Dewji is considered one of the most influential women in Africa as she launched Educate, Empower & Inspire, an initiative that works with women throughout Africa to galvanize their achievements and adversities. She also has authored a book and delivered a TEDx Talk. Her book has been used as course material at both Harvard and Georgetown.

Hanna Dust, GEMBA 2011 cover image

Hanna Dust, GEMBA 2011

Hanna Dust grew up in a small Tennessee town, and began her career as a recruiter at Johnson & Johnson. Within a few short months, she was recognized for making strong changes and was promoted to senior human resources manager for Janssen Pharmaceuticals. In this role, she created the first leadership development program for MBA hires within the pharmaceutical sector. While still at J&J, she completed a Global Executive MBA (GEMBA) at Georgetown McDonough and then was promoted again, to global human resources leader of research and development for Janssen. Afterward, she moved to Sony, where she served as vice president of people and organization. Today, Dust works at Danaher Corporation as vice president and head of human resources for medical device products in the dental industry.

Andrea Perez (Castro) de Novoa, MBA 2011 cover image

Andrea Perez (Castro) de Novoa, MBA 2011

A graduate of what is now Georgetown’s Flex MBA program, Andrea Perez de Novoa has worked around the globe in a variety of consultancy and advisory positions. She is now the general director of innovation and competitiveness, Ministry of Economy, El Salvador. A multilingual, dynamic manager who cites her international experiences and her mother’s drive as her main influences, she has maintained her focus on business for social good throughout her career.

Darshana Prakasam, BSBA 2014 cover image

Darshana Prakasam, BSBA 2014

After graduating summa cum laude from Georgetown in 2014, Darshana Prakasam went on to earn a J.D. from Harvard Law School (graduating cum laude) and to work for the Boston Consulting Group in New York City. She credits her successful path before, during, and after Georgetown to the inspiration of a variety of women who came before her.

Tatiana and Manuela Lizarralde, BSBA 2016, 2018 cover image

Tatiana and Manuela Lizarralde, BSBA 2016, 2018

Tatiana (BSBA’16) and Manuela (BSBA’18) Lizarralde are part of the school’s only mother-daughter-daughter BSBA trio. Their father is a 1989 MBA from Georgetown. Their mother, Carolina Puerto, left Bogotá, Colombia, to attend both high school and college in the United States, but returned to Bogotá to help lead her family’s tire manufacturing business. Tatiana and Manuela grew up in Colombia and came to the United States for college. Manuela worked as a business analyst at McKinsey and is beginning her MBA at Columbia University. Tatiana worked as a consultant at Capco, completed her master’s degree at Columbia, and moved back to Bogotá to work at Zinobe, a fintech start up.

Casey Minnick, MSF 2016 cover image

Casey Minnick, MSF 2016

During her education at the U.S. Naval Academy and service in the Marine Corps, Casey Minnick developed crucial leadership skills. The Master of Science in Finance (MSF) degree allowed her to build on those skills and prepare to work on Wall Street. Her financial acumen helps her lead at UBS as director of Global FX/PM Derivatives COO.

Devon Weiss, MBA/MSFS 2016 cover image

Devon Weiss, MBA/MSFS 2016

Devon Weiss’s early career has had a strong international orientation. After college, she researched international security issues, taught Chinese, and worked with the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts on global development. While earning MBA and MSFS degrees, Weiss served in leadership roles as the student representative on the School of Foreign Service dean search committee, a founding MBA fellow for the Georgetown University Women’s Leadership Institute, a Forté Foundation fellow and campus ambassador, and a board member of Georgetown Women in Business. She continues her leadership and service at EY and through initiatives such as the United Nations Women for Peace and Pope Francis’s Economy of Francesco 2020 working teams.

Jacqueline Lapeyre, BSBA 2017 cover image

Jacqueline Lapeyre, BSBA 2017

Jacqueline Lapeyre is one of only 18 alumnae whose mother also is a Georgetown McDonough graduate. After considering a career in marketing, she found her passion in finance — a career path she shares with her mother, Laurie Hodges Lapeyre (BSBA’83), and her brother, Pierre Lapeyre (BSBA’15).

Miri Rosner-Zahler, GEMBA 2017 cover image

Miri Rosner-Zahler, GEMBA 2017

When Miri Rosner-Zahler looked into executive programs, she chose Georgetown thinking it would augment her professional experience with a broader business education. She also was attracted to the school’s values and commitment to accommodating her religious observance. Since completing the Global Executive MBA (GEMBA) program, she has continued her career at AST as chief operations officer. A new mother and part of AST’s executive team, Rosner-Zahler continues to be a role model in a male-dominated environment.

Lauren C. Crump, MA-IBP 2018 cover image

Lauren C. Crump, MA-IBP 2018

Lauren Crump’s journey to Georgetown involved bumpy sections of undergraduate financial troubles and twists and turns through a surprising ancestral connection to the school. Her success after completing her Master of Arts in International Business and Policy (MA-IBP) is shaped largely by her faith, strategic consulting skills, and support for the community.

Dancey Glover, MA-IBP 2018 cover image

Dancey Glover, MA-IBP 2018

Seeking to pursue her interest in public policy as well as business, Dancey Glover enrolled in Georgetown University’s Master of Arts in International Business and Policy (MA-IBP) program. At the time, she was program manager for Aspen Global Leadership Network, an initiative that fosters leadership in entrepreneurs around the world. Now program manager for leadership programs at Netflix, she researches and designs curriculum for senior leaders to examine how personal values come into tension with the world around us.

Majd Khabour, MA-IBP 2018 cover image

Majd Khabour, MA-IBP 2018

Majd Khabour’s academic, professional, and personal experience has all been uniquely international in nature, and so the decision to earn an M.A. in International Business and Policy (MA-IBP) from Georgetown’s McDonough School of Business and Walsh School of Foreign Service was a logical next step. Growth through the program has influenced her ongoing work and serves as a reflection on her life and prior career.

Meagan LaBossiere, MBA 2018 cover image

Meagan LaBossiere, MBA 2018

Meagan LaBossiere’s laser focus has served her well throughout her time in Georgetown’s Flex MBA program and while serving in the military. Her career has led her across the globe while juggling the roles of student, pilot, and veteran.

Kelsey Lents, MBA 2018 cover image

Kelsey Lents, MBA 2018

After an early career focused on architecture, Kelsey Lents came to Georgetown in 2016 to pursue an MBA. While in the program, she became pregnant with her first child. Based in large part on the experience of finding child care and interacting with other new moms, she and a classmate co-founded Two Birds, a child care company with coworking space in Tenleytown geared toward working parents of young children.

Nishi Rawat, EMBA 2019 cover image

Nishi Rawat, EMBA 2019

Nishi Rawat is a graduate from the McDonough School of Business Executive MBA (EMBA) class of 2019. Rawat was a practicing critical care physician and medical researcher at Johns Hopkins when she decided to launch her own business. She and her father founded OpenBeds Inc., a software platform that uses technology to improve access to behavioral health treatment. OpenBeds was later acquired by Appriss, where she now serves as senior vice president.

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